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AABB Leadership & Management Collection

LL-LS-19-SN4-26-19 - Lead Your Staff: Current Challenges Facing Transfusion Medicine Leadership

Credits: None available.

2019 AABB Annual Meeting Session

This educational program addresses some of the most challenging current issues for leaders in transfusion medicine. Change is ever present and is coming at a fast pace – declining donors bases, mergers, acquisitions, competition, emerging donor pathogens, new novel therapies, and additional regulations to name a few. There are new complexities which leaders must address. Keeping so many balls in the air is difficult for even the best leaders. The presenters will discuss many of these challenges, including their impact upon operations and leadership, and will provide insight as to how to meet and overcome these challenges. Presenters will focus on the areas described below. 

Employee engagement is a particularly challenging, yet critical issue. It is difficult to find the right people and once hired, it is imperative that we keep those talented and skilled individuals in our organizations. Presenters will discuss the challenges to finding and retaining a good workforce and will present ways to engage employees and create an environment where those employees want to stay.

We also recognize that many of the leaders of our industry are retiring, leaving huge shoes to fill. The big question is where are the leaders of tomorrow coming from and how do we work to prepare individuals to assume those important leadership roles. This part of the presentation will discuss ways that we can engage individuals to direct them toward a leadership path and to equip them with the necessary skills to lead.

Finally, the program will discuss throughout the importance of a balance in work and life for a leader. Presenters will discuss ways that one can be successful and yet maintain a healthy balance between work and life activities. All work and no play is not a good path for any leader.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the current challenges leaders face in transfusion medicine.
  • Describe how a leader can maintain focus with constant change and increased complexities.
  • Discuss ways to engage and retain staff.
  • Discuss how to find and train/mentor the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Discuss how a leader can maintain a work/life balance considering these ever present challenges.



  • 1.50 - General Continuing Education (GEN)
  • 1.50 - Florida Lab Personnel (FLP)
  • 1.50 - California Nurse (CN)
  • 1.50 - California Lab Personnel (CLP)
  • 1.50 - Physician (PHY)