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AABB Leadership & Management Collection

LL-LS-19-TU3-21-19 - Lead Your Staff: Mentorship: How to Cultivate Talent and Promote from Within Your Organization

Credits: None available.

2019 AABB Annual Meeting Session

Being a mentor to your staff is a key skill set that is rarely taught in any type of formal forum. This session is designed to help laboratory leadership develop staff talents and abilities to promote from within the company. Learn a variety of techniques to help team members improve their skills and broaden their viewpoints. Topics include how to create a professional staff education program, effective cross training, and personal one on one coaching. A bonus section at the end of the presentation will include the development of communication soft skills in yourself and your staff.

At the completion of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Create a staff professional continuing education program
  • Integrate cross training into the laboratory competency program



  • 1.50 - General Continuing Education (GEN)
  • 1.50 - Florida Lab Personnel (FLP)
  • 1.50 - California Nurse (CN)
  • 1.50 - California Lab Personnel (CLP)
  • 1.50 - Physician (PHY)