Prof. Mark H. Yazer MD

Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Mark Yazer (program content contributor) graduated from medical school at the University of Ottawa and completed his residency in hematological pathology at the University of Alberta. He is currently a professor of pathology at the University of Pittsburgh, and the medical director of the RBC serology laboratory at the centralized transfusion service in Pittsburgh, one of the largest transfusion services in North America. He is also an adjunct professor of clinical immunology at the University of Southern Denmark. Mark has published over 150 peer reviewed papers, and is an associate editor of the journal Transfusion Medicine and the journal Hematology. He is on the editorial board of 4 other journals. He is the chairman of the AABB’s molecular testing standards unit, and the co-chairman of the AABB/THOR working group. He is on the scientific advisory/speakers board of 7 corporations, and he has given more than 200 lectures on his research worldwide. His research interests include patient blood management, blood utilization in trauma, and electronic enhancements for patient safety.