Ljiljana Petkovic MT(ASCP),SBB

Checklist Technical Content Analyst, The College of American Pathologists (CAP)

Lilly Petkovic is a Checklist Technical Content Analyst for the College of American Pathologists. Lilly began her career in Chicago, Illinois after completing her Medical Technology training through Northwestern Medical School. She advanced her blood banking knowledge by first getting certified as a MT(ASCP)BB technologist, then completed her Specialty in Blood Banking and served as a volunteer CAP inspector and AABB assessor for over 30 years. She is currently an ad-hoc member of the Transfusion Resource Committee at the CAP. Lilly’s laboratory experience included serving as a Teaching Supervisor, Transfusion Services Manager, Laboratory Reimbursement Specialist and Blood Center Director. She began her current career at the CAP as a Technical Specialist and then moved into her role of a Checklist Technical Analyst where her team creates and revises requirements for the CAP checklists. She has been an active member and executive board member for the Illinois Association of Blood Banks and has presented multiple talks on behalf of the CAP accreditation program for various organizations.


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