Reem Ameen Msc, MBA, Ph.D

Kuwait University, Health Science Center, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Dr. Ameen is working as an Assistant Professor at the Medical Laboratory Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Kuwait University. She works also as Immunohematology and Immunogenetics Consultant at Kuwait Central Blood Banks, Ministry of Health. She received her Ph.D. in Immunopathology from the University of London and Masters in Immunohematology from University of Florida. She also received MBA from Maastricht School of Management. She established the Immunogenetics and Transplant Biology Laboratory for the Kuwait National Registry for Unrelated Stem Cell Donors based on grant of 2 million US dollars from Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences in addition of several other scientific grants. Her research has focused mainly in Immunohematology and Immunogenetics resulting in several publications in Transfusion and other International Journals.


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