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LL-MR-19-SN4-29-19 - Manage Your Resources: Transfusion Medicine Informatics for Patient Blood Management

Credits: None available.

2019 AABB Annual Meeting Session

This session will discuss transfusion medicine informatics approaches for patient blood management (PBM) in 3 different hospital systems. A foundation will be provided for understanding the components of an analytics data warehouse for PBM and how raw, non-discrete data may be transformed to discrete data for analysis. Details on implementation of blood orders with clinical decision support and for patient populations that have special transfusion requirements will be presented. Novel methods for modeling inventory use and predicting patient response will be discussed. The effect of clinical decision support as well as interactive dashboards and provider-specific reports on blood utilization will be demonstrated. Finally, an analytic approach evaluating blood utilization at multiple levels within a hospital system using a risk-adjustment methodology will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the process of data extraction and the impact of database structures and data analytics on the clinical environment.
  • Discuss implementation of interactive dashboards with provider-specific reports and blood ordering with clinical decision support.
  • Demonstrate how different transfusion medicine informatics tools affect blood utilization.
  • Consider how to analyze and risk-adjust blood utilization at multiple levels.



  • 1.50 - General Continuing Education (GEN)
  • 1.50 - Florida Lab Personnel (FLP)
  • 1.50 - California Nurse (CN)
  • 1.50 - California Lab Personnel (CLP)
  • 1.50 - Physician (PHY)