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AM21-05: Cryoprecipitated Anti-Hemophiliac Factor: Challenges, Solutions and Innovation

‐ Oct 17, 2021 2:30pm

Expiration Date: Dec 31, 2023

Credits: None available.

Cryoprecipitated anti-hemophiliac factor (Cryo) is transfused to patients for acquired hypofibrinogenemia, primarily due to blood loss. For the last several years, there has been a steadily increasing demand for Cryo. However, given the complexity and challenges of manufacturing Cryo, blood centers have been unable to keep up with increasing hospital demand. This supply-demand mismatch was acutely worsened due to COVID-19 related manufacturing disruptions, which has resulted in a critical shortage of the national Cryo inventory. Speakers will review current literature regarding fibrinogen replacement, and offer insights into usage trends that is driving the increased demand for Cryo. They will describe the current Cryo manufacturing challenges, especially focusing on the requirement to use FFP as the source material. This session will also dwell into solutions that the American Red Cross is considering, including consideration of manufacturing Cryo from PF24, rather than FFP.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the reasons for increasing Cryo demand.
  • Review the challenges associated with manufacturing Cryo, including the impact of COVID-19 related disruptions to manufacturing.
  • Discuss the potential of using PF24 to manufacture Cryo.




  • Pampee Young, MD, PhD:
    Medical Advisory Board: Fresenius Kabi; Consultant: Roche, Ortho Diagnositcs
  • Parvez Lokhandwala, MD, PhD:
    Nothing to Disclose
  • Magali Fontaine, MD PhD:
    Grant/Research Support: Cerus

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AM21-05: Cryoprecipitated Anti-Hemophiliac Factor: Challenges, Solutions and Innovation Evaluation