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AM23-ST-22-L: Using Simulation to Train Nurses and Residents in Therapeutic Apheresis Complications (Live)

‐ Oct 14, 2023 3:15pm

Credits: None available.

Therapeutic apheresis procedures are relatively safe; however, more serious complications can result in poor patient outcomes. Active experimentation with transfusion medicine is one strategy to practice utilizing appropriate resources, along with timely recognition and management of acute events. In-situ simulation training was integrated into the apheresis clinic at our institution as an education initiative. Structured scenarios with predetermined learning objectives, designed to simulate apheresis complications were developed to train pathology residents and nurses. This project aimed to enhance knowledge and decision-making skills when addressing therapeutic apheresis complications and foster interprofessional team performance. In situ-simulation-based education takes place in the actual work environment and, because of that, can assist in creating a high level of fidelity and realism. Pre-briefs set the tone for a safe learning environment. Simulation in the actual clinical setting is an approach used to experiment with equipment, policies, and procedures actively. Debriefs following each simulation offer time for feedback and reflection. This session will discuss and share the implementation of in-situ simulation and debriefing as an educational tool at an apheresis center within an academic hospital system. The session will split participants into groups and provide time for group work and demonstration of the process.




Credits: None available.