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AM23-SN-03-L: SBB/BB Exam Review (Live)

‐ Oct 15, 2023 3:30pm

Credits: None available.

The program attendee will attain a concise and targeted review of blood banking and transfusion medicine. All the information needed to pass the ASCP SBB or BB exams are briefly reviewed in a three-hour program. This program attempts to provide the attendee with the structure, information and encouragement to tackle these exams. This program will provide a plan for those preparing for the ASCP BB or SBB exam. The specific content areas of the exams highlighting where to find information required for successful completion of these exams. Whether a refresher, a review or new learning, the program attendee will benefit from the comprehensive summary of blood banking and transfusion medicine provided by this course. SBB/BB Exam Review 1: Immunohematology Building Blocks SBB/BB Exam Review 2: Immunohematology Methods and Blood Groups SBB/BB Exam Review 3: Transfusion Medicine Physiology and Pathophysiology




Credits: None available.