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AM23-MN-10-L: Weak RhD Phenotypes and RHD Genotyping: Who, What, When, Where, How? (Live)

‐ Oct 16, 2023 11:00am

Credits: None available.

It’s been eight years since the AABB-CAP-ACOG working party first recommended RHD genotyping for patients with weak D phenotypes; how are we doing, and what are we finding? This session will discuss the identification of weak D phenotypes in manual and automated patient test methods and synthesize lessons learned from genotyping weak D phenotypes found among over a million patients in the US and Canada in published series. We will describe the current American status of RHD genotyping services, how serological and molecular methods influence the RHD genotyping findings, what are the most frequent partial RHD variants seen in these patients, and what is known about their risk for allo-anti-D. If you and your care providers have questions about weak D phenotypes, when to obtain genotyping, and what the genotypes mean, we’ll provide answers in an efficient interactive format geared to practical application.



Credits: None available.