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AM23-MN-27-L: How to build a pre-hospital transfusion program between emergency medical services and a hospital-based transfusion service versus a blood center. (Live)

‐ Oct 16, 2023 5:00pm

Credits: None available.

Pre-hospital transfusions during hemorrhagic resuscitation are recognized as life-saving. Thus, emergency medical services (EMS) are embarking on collaborative efforts with blood centers and hospital-based transfusion services to transport blood for immediate transfusion at the scene and during transport before patient arrival to the hospital emergency room. Procurement and quality oversight of blood products intended for hemorrhagic resuscitation during transportation by EMS will be reviewed and discussed during this session while meeting the following objectives. The Session objectives will review the following:1) the types of products indicated and transfused in the pre-hospital setting and the operational logistics (including tracking, rotating, and billing) of transferring blood products from a hospital-based transfusion service to an outside entity such as EMS; 2) the quality oversight of the storage and transportation of the blood products by EMS3) the quality oversight of the EMS personnel administering the blood products.4) the documentation of the pre-hospital transfusion and the hand-off to the hospital trauma/critical care team.



Credits: None available.