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AM23-MN-14-O - AM23-MN-14-O: Untangling the Advanced Therapies Landscape: Positioning the Community Blood Center for Success (Enduring)

Expiration Date: Dec 31, 2025

Credits: None available.

The Advanced Therapies market has generated much momentum in recent years and does not show signs of slowing. While advancements have largely been localized to pharmaceutical companies and academic centers of excellence the projected rate of growth and the expanding applications is projected to outpace the current source material supply chain. Blood center infrastructure, with its repository of donors, starting material collection facilities, cell isolation and cryopreservation capabilities, and quality management experience, are positioned well to fill gaps. With their long-standing supply relationships with community hospitals of all sizes, blood centers offer the opportunity to extend the reach of advanced therapies to more patients in the broader community. With the rapid commercialization and reimbursement of advanced therapies and the move toward approving them as first- or second-line treatments, the infrastructure needed to support their delivery will need to expand beyond the capabilities of the pharmaceutical company or clinical centers of excellence.Our first speaker and Chair will address the market growth and opportunities within the advanced therapies market. He can tailor solutions to blood centers capabilities and available resources while foreseeing the need to develop personnel and infrastructure further to meet the needs of the horizon. Our second speaker will share her account of buy-in for the program and other key components essential for success. Pitfalls and challenges will be integrated in as well. Lastly, our final speaker will pinpoint the analytical tools necessary and logistical considerations to meet the demands of preclinical and clinical research teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize industry-wide data and trends in advanced therapies of primary interest to independent blood centers
  • Identify key bottlenecks and gaps in the advanced therapy industry which blood centers are best positioned to address
  • Apply industry data and gap analsyses to their own organization's strategic planning and investment decisions
  • Discuss new opportunities for their organizations to consider in advanced therapies
  • Evaluate the readiness of their own programs, staffing, infrastructure and projections as they relate to advanced therapies




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AM23-MN-14-O: Untangling the Advanced Therapies Landscape: Positioning the Community Blood Center for Success (Enduring) Evaluation