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AM23-MN-24-O - AM23-MN-24-O: Driver's Ed: Using Audits to Drive Process Improvement (Enduring)

Expiration Date: Dec 31, 2025

Credits: None available.

Using audits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards is a well-known approach to building a solid foundation of quality. Audits can also be used to investigate pesky problems that cause traffic jams in operations. When staff finds small issues in the process, it is time to pull over and take a closer look. This session will review tips and tricks to take a right turn and capture those problems before they speed up and veer out of control. Participants will also gain a deep understanding of root cause analysis, corrective action plans, and their role in quality assurance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate the types of audits used in a transfusion service for compliance versus process improvement.
  • Describe how ad-hoc audits can be used to capture real and near-miss events.
  • Evaluate three process improvements from the use of ad-hoc audits using a case study approach.




  • Celia Clifford, MS,MT(ASCP) CQA,CMQ/OE:
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  • Sheri Goertzen, MLS(ASCP)BB, CLS(CA), CQA(ASQ):
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AM23-MN-24-O: Driver's Ed: Using Audits to Drive Process Improvement (Enduring) Evaluation