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AM23-MN-33-O - AM23-MN-33-O: Ask the Standards (Enduring)

‐ Oct 18, 2023 7:00pm

Credits: None available.

Chairs of the Blood Banks/Transfusion Services and Immunohematology Reference Laboratories Standards Committees will discuss changes and updates to the forthcoming 34th edition of Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services and the 13th edition of Standards for Immunohematology Reference Laboratories. Also, as part of this discussion, the moderator will conduct a review of the content of the updated Quality Systems Essentials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review new and changed standards for newly issued sets of Standards
  • Discuss the updated Quality Systems Essentials
  • Explain the Standards Creating and Setting Process




  • Susan Galel, MD:
    Roche Holdings AG Basel American Depositary Shares: Full-time/Part-time Employee or Owner (Ongoing), Stock Shareholder (self-managed) (Ongoing)
  • Michael Gannett:
  • Christopher Bocquet:

    No financial relationships to disclose


Credits: None available.