Walter Bialkowski PhD, MS

Clinical Research | Clinical Trials | Epidemiology, Blood Center of Wisconsin, Inc

Dr. Bialkowski has multi-dimensional clinical research expertise that is built on a robust foundation of managing large NIH-, FDA-, and DoD-sponsored clinical research programs. He is an expert at directing complex research programs and tailoring clinical studies to appropriate levels of regulatory oversight. After establishing a comprehensive portfolio of clinical study implementation successes in varied settings and with diverse patient populations, he completed advanced formal training in clinical study design and epidemiology at Marquette University. During his doctoral training he served as the principal investigator of the ALTRUYST trial (NCT02655055): a prospective, longitudinal, randomized controlled trial investigating long-term bone-related health outcomes among apheresis blood donors. He concurrently led an NIH-funded pharmaco-epidemiology analysis of patients taking oral anticoagulation who present with major hemorrhage to twelve emergency departments across the United States. He has led and co-led a number of clinical and translational scientific studies that have advanced our understanding of drug therapy complications, human physiology, and population health. His work has also supported important policy changes including improvements in the equitable application of blood donor eligibility criteria and the management of iron deficiency in vulnerable populations. Dr. Bialkowski approaches scientific collaborations with curiosity, creativity, and contagious enthusiasm.


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