Lynn G Stansbury MD, MPH, MFA, FACP

University of Washington

Lynn G. Stansbury, MD, MPH, MFA, FACP, is affiliate faculty in the University of Washington Departments of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology and co-author of Massive Transfusion (AABB Press, 2019). Her medical career has included general and urgent care practice, general public health, and occupational medicine practice and research among diverse civilian and military populations and large and small, public and private institutions all over the US, in Latin American and the Pacific. More recently, her research, teaching, and writing has concentrated on big-data explorations of the epidemiology of trauma, with special interests in the evidence surrounding blood product use in trauma and in mentoring early-career, academic medical-professional writers. Dr. Stansbury is also a novelist and reviews for TRANSFUSION and the literary journal The Baltimore Review.